Deputysheriff100 “Stealth Operator” Multi Fit Holster (OWB) for 150 Guns

Deputysheriff100 reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Compact OWB holster:

“Showing the Stealth Operator Multi fit Holster that fits over 150 guns. Made of polymer and made in the USA. The polymer contours to fit most guns. This is an OWB (outside waist band) holster. fits really snug and secure. Got it for my sub compacts and it doesn’t print anymore than an IWB holster. Really pleased with it.”

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Holster highlights in this video:

  • Compact holster OWB is comfortable
  • Sits high enough to conceal
  • Great retention “Snaps right in”
  • Curves around the body

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