Archersfriend Stealth Operator Holster Review

Archersfriend reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Full-Size OWB holster:

“Stealth Operator Multi Holsters are Made in the USA. They claim to fit over 150 firearms with the same holster. What a deal. They come in Compact and Full Size. They come in several Colors. They are Price Competitive.”

“The compact stealth operator is the most comfortable holster that I have ever tried. Their claim to fit many firearms holds true for the ones that I own. Your finding may differ.”

“These are NOT Clip ON holsters, they are only Belt Loop style. That seems to help the fit of more firearms and it Definitely makes removal much easier.”

“Trying the firearms in the holster while only Holding them in my hands did not work in some cases, BUT when the holster was on a belt on my side, Things Changed for the good.”

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