The Good Shepherd Defense and Training

The Good Shepherd Defense and Training  reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Compact IWB holster:

“The Stealth Operator Compact features a lightweight, minimalistic design that allows for comfortable, all-day IWB/OWB carry. The slim and simple profile coupled with an open-muzzle bottom provides ample barrel space for an incredible number of handguns.”

“The Compact holster features a super-durable injection molded nylon shell, rust-resistant black oxide hardware, and readily modified design. In addition, the Frame-Lock technology maintains positive retention across a wide range of firearm designs. Once your weapon locks into the holster, it will stay secure until you need it.”

Recommended Holster Requirements:

  • Practical – Has to retain the firearm
  • Comfortable – If its not comfortable, you wont wear it.
  • Concealable – The whole point of Concealed Carry is to keep it hidden unless needed
  • Safe – Must cover the Trigger Guard

Holster high points in this video:

  • Comfortable for all day carry
  • Versatility
  • Fits tight to the body
  • Great for concealed carry

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