Greater Naples Fire Rescue approved for bullet proof vests


Our company knows and understands the growing threats surrounding our first responders. That’s why we build and provide them with everything they need to stay safe in any active shooter situation.  Take a look at the article below and see how Fire Chief Kingman Schuldt is moving forward and making sure his first responders make it home to their families.

Greater Naples Fire Rescue approved for first responder bullet proof vests

Jack Lowenstein
Wink News

Published:June 13, 2019 9:36 PM EDT

 A fire department in Collier County will soon have added protection for its first responders, and it’s not for safety against a fire. But it could be the difference between life and death on duty.

Greater Naples Fire Rescue District received approval to spend $50,000 on bullet proof vests for firefighters and EMS Thursday.

The fire department said it’s all because of the harsh reality of dangers on the streets. The vests will add protection on the job, and it will require some training for all personnel who use them.

Fire Chief Kingman Schuldt told us that it was a proactive decision to ensure men and women first responders for his district get back home to their families safe every day. The vest will soon be on the fire district’s trucks and ambulances.

Greater Naples Board of Fire Commissioners approved the money allocated for the vests in the annual budget, giving the chief the green light to buy these additional layers of protection for his first responders.

“There’s concern as we all have concern where are we at in harms way,” Schuldt said. “And the reality is that we are in harms way now, and we have to take the correct steps to do the best to limit the exposure.”

Schuldt said he will order the vests next week. And within the next three months, administrative staff will create new policies and training for the vests.

The new vests coming to the fire district will be just one step below military-level protection. Chief Schuldt said there will be 45 to 50 responders wearing them every day…Read More