The Good Shepherd Defense and Training

The Good Shepherd Defense and Training  reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Compact IWB holster: “The Stealth Operator Compact features a lightweight, minimalistic design that allows for comfortable, all-day IWB/OWB carry. The slim and simple profile coupled with an open-muzzle bottom provides ample barrel space for an incredible number of handguns.” “The Compact holster features a super-durable injection molded…

Gun Commanders Review

Gun Commanders tells multi-gun owners what they need to know: “This holster will fit CZ, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Walther, Beretta and a bunch more.”

Tactical Black Guy Dec 2018 Giveaway

Tactical Black Guy reviews and runs giveaway of Stealth Operator Holsters, including special edition Gator Print Holster: “I want to give a shout out to Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC, that makes the Stealth Operator Holsters. I’ve used them for about the last two years now. About 98% of the guns I have fit in this holster.” If you like the…

Kevin Scott Amazing Holster Review

Kevin Scott reviews reviews AMAZING HOLSTER!!! Stealth Operator Protection Series™ Phalanx Defense Systems, L.L.C “The most versatile holster I have ever seen!!!! A must have indeed!!!!“ If you like the gator print special edition holster, check to see if one is still available for purchase! According to Kevin, the Stealth Operator holster fits all three of the guns he tried perfectly.…

John Helewa Review

John Helewa reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Full Size IWB holster: “I was pretty skeptical, but this [holster] has some pretty good retention for my Glock 19. I’m pretty impressed with this thing. If you are the type of person who buys guns all the time and has a box of different holsters, I would recommend these.” John’s…

Tactical Black Guy May 2018 Review

Tactical Black Guy reviews a variety of Stealth Operator holsters: “Once you put your gun in the holster, it’s not going to anywhere. Chances are, everything you’ve got is going to fit in one of these holsters.”

PewPewCannoli Review

Pewpewcannoli reviews the Stealth Operator Compact OWB holster: “This is a 5 minute review of the stealth operator holster made by phalanx defense systems. These are Universal holsters designed to fit a wide range of pistols. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by their build quality and wanted to leave a helpful review.“

REdUDEMAN Phalanx Defense Multi-Fit Holster Reivew

REdUDEMAN reviews the Stealth Operator Compact OWB holster: “I’ve worn this holster for a while, and I’m really happy with it.“ REdUDEMAN has put this holster through a bit of abuse, and its flexibility and durability means that it is still as good as the day he got it. As a quick note, this holster is actually made of a…

Tactical Black Guy Oct 2017 Review

Tactical Black Guy reviews the Stealth Operator Compact OWB holster: “Arguably one of the best holsters – in my opinion – on the market today.“ Guns in this video: Taurus PT111 Taurus PT709 Smith & Wesson Shield