Briefcase Protection Panel

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Product Description

The Stealth Operator Briefcase Protection Panel fits in a standard briefcase or other symmetrical rectangular bag space. With the flexibility of the soft armor panels this is probably the most versatile cut available, able to fit into an astonishing number of bags, including backpacks.

Protects against most common handguns including: .44 MAG, .357 SIG, FN SS197, Win SXT 9MM+P, 7.62×25 Tokarev, .357 SIG Win SXT, Speer GD .357 MAG. *This product does not provide protection against rifle threats.

Special attention should be given to which direction the panel is facing, with regard to instructions on the panel itself.

  • Size
    • Base width: 11″
    • Top width: 11″
    • Height: 14″
  • Certified NIJ 0101.06 Level IIIA handgun protection
  • Rugged, waterproof covering can be wiped clean
  • Semi-rigid panels prevents curling, bunching
  • Weighs less than 2 lbs.
  • Made in USA
  • 5 year warranty on soft armor panels


*The state of Connecticut prohibits online armor sales.


  • Weight: 30 oz
  • Width: 11 in
  • Depth: 0.5 in
  • Height: 14 in

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