NIJ Tested & Certified Soft Armor Panels

Changing threats require a new level of preparation. Soft armor ballistic protection is a realistic consideration. These Level IIIA soft armor protection panels can be used in a wide variety of bag shapes and sizes. That means you can discreetly plan for any situation you may face.

Stealth Operator Protection Panels are NIJ 0101.6 certified to Level IIIA, the highest level of handgun protection, which includes:

  • .44 MAG
  • .357 SIG

In addition to the NIJ listed ammunition rounds, our soft armor protection panels are also separately tested to protect against:

  • FN SS197
  • Win SXT 9mm+P+
  • 7.62×25 Tokarev
  • Speer GD .357 MAG and
  • 2, 4, 16, and 17 gr. RCC

Shop Protection Panels

Student Mini Protection Panel

$159.00 $130.99


Student Protection Panel

$159.00 $130.99


These are our most popular sizes. We offer 6 more size variations. Look at our catalog for more detail and contact customer service if you’d like to purchase.

Best-In-Class Design

5-Year Warranty

When you make an investment in safety, you want it to last. Our full line of protection panels come with a 5-year warranty.

TSA Approved

Your protection panels are approved by the TSA for use on planes so that you can stay safe even when you are far from home.

Smart Construction

You put a lot in your bag, so we needed to design something that could fit your lifestyle. Each protection panel has a waterproof covering over semi-rigid panels to prevent curling, bunching and moisture damage.

Sized For Your Needs

We offer different shapes and sizes of protection panels to fit every bag. Each panel offers the same law-enforcement quality protection against handguns that you are looking for.