Will Fit: GLOCK 19

If you are looking for the best holster for your GLOCK 19, along with any other handgun you might own, look no further. This Glock comes in 9mm with an overall length of 7.63″ and a width of 1.26″.  Our Will Fit list is growing by the day, and it’s more than just words on a page. See the photos…

Gun Commanders Review

Gun Commanders tells multi-gun owners what they need to know: “This holster will fit CZ, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Walther, Beretta and a bunch more.” Key points in this video: Fits 150 plus guns (will flex to fit multiple handguns) Compact & Full-Size Holster available Fits rare firearms like CZ  

John Helewa Review

John Helewa reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Full Size IWB holster: “I was pretty skeptical, but this [holster] has some pretty good retention for my Glock 19. I’m pretty impressed with this thing. If you are the type of person who buys guns all the time and has a box of different holsters, I would recommend these.” John’s…

Tactical Black Guy May 2018 Review

Tactical Black Guy reviews a variety of Stealth Operator holsters: “Once you put your gun in the holster, it’s not going to anywhere. Chances are, everything you’ve got is going to fit in one of these holsters.”

Let’s Do This Stealth Operator Holster Review

Let’s Do This of HillTop Tactical reviews the Stealth Operator Compact IWB holster: “In my opinion, they work well. I have nothing bad I can say about them and they have great retention. Honestly, I prefer this over my Blade-Tech holster.” Note: This holster is made of a flexible, yet durable nylon polymer, not KYDEX®. Holster high points in this…

Full Mag24 Stealth Operator Holster Review

Full Mag24 reviews the Phalanx Defense Systems Stealth Operator Compact IWB holster: “The Stealth Operator Compact fits 150+ handguns including my Springfield.”  Holster high points in this video: Made from polymer not KYDEX® Open bottom Sits at an angle (forward cant)